We need a content writer to assist our editorial staff in creating fresh blog pieces, how-to articles, and marketing copy for our websites.
The duties of a content writer involve conducting in-depth research on industry-related subjects, coming up with concepts for original content forms, editing, and proofreading articles.If you've written online before and have a keen eye for detail, we'd want to meet you.If you'd like, you can also include any samples of your work or a writing portfolio with your application.Top-notch content that engages readers, attracts customers, and increases brand awareness will be the end result.


  • Conduct some market research
  • To advertise our goods and services, publish concise marketing material.
  • Before publishing, proofread and edit your blog's content.
  • Create well-organized draughts using content management technologies.
  • Send your writing to the editors for evaluation and feedback.
  • Perform a simple keyword search and adhere to SEO recommended practices to increase online traffic.
  • Show articles by collaborating with the marketing and design departments.
  • Marketing of content on social media
  • Before adding new subjects, ascertain the content's gaps and the requirements of our audience.
  • As appropriate, provide consistency throughout the website's content (style, fonts, graphics, and tone).


  • Experience in writing content, writing copy, or in a job that is comparable
  • Writing skills with a variety of sources Articles published in your portfolio
  • Being familiar with online publications
  • Writability and Editability in English expertise with content management systems in practise (e.g. WordPress)
  • A track record of meeting deadlines
  • Understanding Azure DevOps for source control, Agile process management, and software builds would be advantageous.
  • Development over the whole lifecycle in an environment designed for enterprise development.
  • Proficiency in creating Agile settings.
  • Excellent communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and decision-making skills.

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