FULL STACK (.Net + Angular )

Eteksol, a technology consulting firm with years of experience working with Fortune 100 clients, is looking for a Full Stack Developer (.Net, Angular) to design applications that target Monitoring and Observability use-cases.
As a.Net Consultant, you will collaborate closely with our clients to maintain their present applications, take part in initiatives, and have the power to affect the clients' objectives.
Working at Version 1 will give you the chance to work with a variety of technologies, refine your abilities through the considerable training offered, and build your career within an expanding company.


  • Create corporate apps with the help of architects, programmers, and business partners.
  • Make use of a variety of technologies, such as NET, Cosmos DB, Angular, Kubernetes, etc., to create back-end and front-end components.
  • Creating RESTful backends for microservice-based systems.
  • With the aid of end users, create a business analysis or requirements analysis.
  • Create prototypes and models for novel ideas and technologies.
  • By creating them, conceptual data can be modelled.
  • Implementation, support, and other duties as allocated for environments at both the top and lower levels.


  • 4+ years of experience building large web-based apps with.NET Core, JavaScript, and Angular familiarity of Cosmos document databases or something analogous (like MongoDB) experience with Redis or related caching technologies.
  • Knowledge of containerized apps and application deployment. Kubernetes knowledge is a plus.
  • Previous knowledge of porting programmes to containers would be advantageous.
  • Understanding of business analysis and requirement analysis.
  • Advantages include Terraform and other Infrastructure as Code ideas.
  • Understanding Azure DevOps for source control, Agile process management, and software builds would be advantageous.
  • Development over the whole lifecycle in an environment designed for enterprise development.
  • Proficiency in creating Agile settings.
  • Excellent communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and decision-making skills.

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