Front-End Developer

To strengthen our IT staff, we're seeking for a competent front-end developer. You will be in charge of developing our internet apps' "client-side." You should be able to transform the requirements of our business and our clients into engaging interactive solutions.
This position is ideal for you if you want to advance your career while developing code to create a user-friendly environment. We want you to be a tech-savvy professional who has a love for combining usability and attractive design. You should also be enthusiastic about modern digital technology.
In the end, you should be able to design a digital environment for our business that is both functional and attractive while still offering a top-notch user experience.

Front End Developer Responsibilities

  • Choosing the structure and layout of web pages.
  • Considering user experience influences design choices.
  • Integrating new features to enhance user experience
  • Finding balance in the design between functionality and aesthetics.
  • Ensuring mobile friendliness in web design.
  • Building reusable code for the future.
  • Increasing the scalability and performance of web pages.
  • Creating web pages using various markup languages.
  • Ensuring that the design adheres to the brand's aesthetic.

Front End Developer Requirements

  • Possess a degree in computer science or an area that is closely related.
  • Knowledge of the main principles of design.
  • Proficiency with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery.
  • Having understanding of CSS server-side.
  • Knowing how to use graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator.
  • Knowledge of adaptive and responsive design.
  • Understanding of the SEO fundamentals.
  • Fairly good at fixing problems.
  • Outstanding verbal communication abilities.
  • Strong interpersonal abilities.

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