BACK-END Developer

We are searching for a back-end web developer that will oversee data transfer between the server and users.Your main goals will be the establishment and maintenance of the central database, the development of the server-side logic, and the quick and effective handling of front-end requests. The application's front-end components, which your colleagues made, also need to be merged. It's also vital to have some familiarity with front-end engineering.


  • Integrating front-end developers' user-facing features with server-side functionality
  • Building reusable libraries and software for future use
  • Optimization of data protection and security implementation increases application speed and scalability.
  • Development and application of data storage solutions
  • Program debugging and troubleshooting
  • To increase performance, test the user interface.
  • Use cutting-edge methods to improve legacy apps


  • Upkeep of the hosting environment, including database management and application scaling to handle fluctuations in load
  • Data migration, manipulation, and scripting
  • Installation and backup management
  • Producing data in a variety of forms
  • Identifying the differences between a variety of delivery platforms, such as mobile and desktop, and customizing output to the right platform
  • Building database structures that reflect and support business operations
  • Establishing automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools like Git in depth
  • Comprehensive understanding of OWASP security concepts
  • In a distributed server environment, having a solid understanding of "session management"

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